ClintHi, I’m Clint Martin.  I’m Mormon and I am gay.

Wait, you’re Mormon and a homo?

Why yes, sir, that is correct.  You see, contrary to popular thought you CAN be queer and an active member of the Church (isn’t “queer” a synonym of “peculiar” anyway?).

But I digress.

This is my blog where I write about what it is like to be gay and an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Some of my posts are fun, some are serious, some-

So, how can you be active in the Church if you are gay?

Ah, yes, well according to the leaders of the Church, homosexual actions are sinful, whereas homosexual feelings are not.  This is an important distinction.  I am attracted to other men, but I don’t act on that attraction.  In this blog I talk about-

So you don’t do anything with men, but what about women?  Aren’t you supposed to marry a woman?

Um, how about we try a hand raising policy?  You know, just to make sure everyone’s voice gets heard.  Um, to answer your question, I’m not really attracted to women.  I’ve tried dating in the past but never felt very natural and, above all, honest for me.  There may come a time where I may get married and have a family, but for now, I guess you could say that I am “celibate”.  So, yeah, like I was saying about my blog-

What’s up with your blog anyway?  Crap, half the words seem made up and have you ever heard of spell check?

Remember what we said about raising hands?  Um, let’s try to keep…you know…hands raised…if we have a question.  Alright, well, yes, there are quite a few problems with this blog, the main one being that I don’t always give it the time it needs to be, well, good.  Unfortunately that-

Aren’t you worried the Church is going to find out about your subversive little blog here?

Dude, hand, seriously.  (Sigh) No, I am not worried.  I make a pretty strong effort to keep my comments in line with Church teaching.  I reference where possible…and when I feel like it.  The point is, this blog doesn’t exist to criticize the Church.  I believe the Church is true and is led by a prophet-

What?  You don’t criticize?  I call BS.  You’re constantly talking about how the Church needs to change and crap.

I mean, come on, how many times?  Hand!  Hand !  Hand!  Geez….  I don’t criticize the Church as an organization, but sometimes I do point out how some members of the Church take doctrine and use it to excuse some very bad behavior.  I also try to clear up some misconceptions that some people have of homosexuality in general.  My beef is with individuals and their actions and attitudes, not with the Church’s doctrine or leadership.

No interruption?  Really?  Oh…ok.  So, yeah, like I was saying, this blog talks about what it is like to be Mormon and gay, if you have any questions-



(Hand raises.)



(Sigh)  Down the hallway, to the left, if you hit the kitchen you’ve gone too far.  So, yeah…questions…free to leave a comment on the post or click the Contact link at the top of the page.  You can even friend me on Facebook (which, with Wikipedia, is the source of all my knowledge).  Who knows, we-

If I reach the kitchen I’ve gone to far?

Okay, we’re done here.