Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From Sesame Street

Little Bear: We did it!

Telly: We did it!

Little Bear: We are the best firefly catchers ever!

Telly: I know!

Little Bear: Wow, look at him glowing in the jar!

Telly: Yeah!


Little Bear: Does he look like he is getting dimmer to you?

Telly: Yeah.  And he looks a little sad.

Little Bear: Why do you think he is sad?

Telly: I don’t know….

Leela: Hey guys, whatcha doing?

Telly: We caught a firefly.

Little Bear: But he isn’t as bright now and he looks sad.

Leela: Why do you suppose he’s sad?

Telly: We don’t know.

Leela: Why don’t you pretend to be him?  Then maybe you’ll know why he’s sad.

Little Bear: Pretend to be fireflies?

Leela: Sure!

Telly: Okay, here goes….

Little Bear: I am a firefly flying around!

Telly: Me too!  But wait…I’m trapped in a jar!

Little Bear: I don’t want to be trapped in a jar!

Telly: I need to fly free!

Little Bear: THAT’S IT!

Telly: What’s what?

Little: The firefly is sad because he is trapped in the jar!

Leela: I think you guys might be right!

Telly unscrews the lid.

Telly: There you go, little firefly.  Fly free!

The firefly’s light grows bright and flies away.

Little Bear: You know what, Telly?

Telly: What?

Little Bear: It’s a lot more fun to pretend to be fireflies than it is to catch them.

Telly: Hey, you’re right!

As Leela laughs, the two friends flap their arms, pretending to be fireflies.

– – – –

It’s amazing what incredibly obvious things we can learn when we fly around for a while in someone else’s Mason jar.